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What is a protea? – it is the name of a South African plant which was named Protea in  1735; later it became  a flower and the national symbol of South Africa.
The Shponder – Gil Hazahav Company is a private company established in 1997 by Yehoshua Shponder, who specializes in the areas of planning, erecting and managing quality assisted living homes.
The vision of the company is carefully and very functionally-planned homes for the retired population.
The Company employs highly experienced managerial staff who act according to the law and under a managerial philosophy of providing quality service to its residents, while respecting their privacy and assuring their personal safety, including their medical, social, economic and cultural well-being.

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Feel at home – Protea community

“Home” is the center of a person’s life in childhood, adolescence and aging.

Moving to a retirement village is a significant step for both an individual and for a couple.

In order to facilitate leaving their old home and moving to a retirement village, the resident must be given the feeling of replacing one home with another. The resident should not feel that they are going to an institution, nursing home or an old-age home, but to  a designed, adapted home and part of a large retirement community.

The Protea community, which now includes “Protea Village”, “Protea Hills”, “Protea by the Sea” (under construction) and “Protea in  Elkana” (in preparation for construction) – has adopted a policy and a management philosophy that advocates giving an extensive package of services by trained staff proving the feeling of quality for each resident in the houses managed by Protea.

“To feel at home” means to feel a sense of physical, medical, social, economic and cultural security. Living in a comfortable, spacious apartment adjacent to diverse public and indoor areas and with  various activities available. Together with great neighbors and friends and a high and consistent level of service.

“Feel at home” means to experience privacy, autonomy, empathy, personal dignity and hope – just like at home.

This is the policy, the managerial belief and also the good reputation of every Protea community that was built in the past, present and in future homes.


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Quality protected housing

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