Love in the Golden Age


If 40 is the new 30, and 50 is the 40, then the same can be said about age 60, 70, 80, 90 and older!

The need for love, intimacy, warmth and closeness are important and necessary for every person from the moment they are born, regardless of their status, at any time.

Love has great positive effects, it strengthens us mentally and physically. And if you thought that the intensity of romantic feelings weakens with age, you are wrong, big time!

So, what are we doing?

As we grow older, our circle of acquaintances shrinks and remains fairly constant, which can make it difficult to make new acquaintances. But there are excellent solutions such as participation in social activities, classes, trips, lectures and many other ideas and meetings that allow interactions with new people of the relevant age.

Sheltered housing is a wonderful solution that allows for many dating, not necessarily romantic but definitely also.

In sheltered housing, cultural, social and sports activities are held jointly for the tenants, these are huge advantages for finding new love.

And if you haven’t been convinced so far, then we have real evidence, a couple of tenants in Protea in the village, have been in a relationship for a year and agreed to tell us a little about acquaintance and relationship in the golden ages.

Meet Judith de Groot (87) tenant for about 17 years and Uri Dekel (88) tenant for about 7 years.

Both had been married for many years (over 37 years) but said that they were interested in a new relationship but did not know if it was even possible.

When we asked who “started” with whom, Judith said she didn’t remember but Uri actually did (ladies, a man who remembers the date of a first meeting – don’t let him go!). Uri’s wife died a year ago, and among the family and  friends who came to console, Judith also came and “consoled a little too much” shared Uri with a wink. The courtship phase was mutual and at a pace that suited them.

Has the “grocery list” we all have for a spouse changed with age?

Judith laughed and admitted that she and her husband are divorced, but in her current relationship with Uri she is very good. Uri’s previous relationship was very good and full of love, and even after his wife passed away his preferences did not change, the only thing that is important to him is a woman who will be a human being with all that implies and only that and he is happy that he found a Jewish woman who wants to experience life by his side.

They enjoy going to movies, plays, cafes and restaurants, they simply “love to be together” they both concluded.

And their families also celebrate, the couple visits the children together, especially Judith’s children, who welcome Uri with love, Uri’s children are abroad.

The new love birds do not fight, so far at least, maybe because they often laugh together and strive to always laugh (amen!)

And on this optimistic note, all we have left to say is – All you need is love

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