Protea Hills. A retirement Village in Nature

In the hills of Moshav Shoresh near Jerusalem, amidst the spectacular scenery and the clear air of the Judean hills, we opened “Protea Hills”, an exclusive and one of a  kind retirement village . Many residents enjoy sheltered accommodation in a rural atmosphere which is intended solely for independent retirees who wish to enjoy a high quality of living surrounded by nature.

Feel at home

“Protea Hills” residents enjoy professional and expert attention, by experienced and gracious  management staff who respect the residents’ independence, privacy and dignity. This management approach has proven to be highly successful in Protea Village – a high quality retirement village in the Sharon area.

“Protea Hills” was developed by Kfar Avot Shoresh, from the Shponder Gil Hazahav Group, and is being built by the Shponder Yehoshua Construction & Investment Company Ltd., who have many years of experience in building such projects. The village has been designed by Cnaan-Shenhav Architects, who were also responsible for designing Protea Village and other similar, successful projects.

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