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Protea Hills Services

Social and Cultural Services

  • social workers on premises
  • social, cultural and religious activities
  • creative workshops: arts and crafts of all kinds
  • self-improvement and knowledge expansion in groups in and out of the Village
  • physical training activities: gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi., sauna, gymnastics classes
  • events: holiday celebrations, performances: concerts, lectures, shows and films (on and of the premises )
  • use of public grounds
  • ulpan for new Olim
  • laundry facilities: washing, ironing, sewing
  • library: Hebrew, English and French books
  • beauty salon, manicure and pedicure
  • music room
  • cafeteria, mini-market
  • Tours of knowledge and nature, long and short
  • Outdoor sports facilities facing the landscape
  • A barbecue facility for the benefit of the residents and their families – facing the landscape

General Services

  • transportation services to popular designations in the area, at regular hours
  • public bus service between the Village and Jerusalem, via Superbus No. 186
  • reception, mail and information
  • internal telephone connection
  • quality dining facilities for residents and their guests
  • maintenance and gardening of public areas
    gardening in private gardens

Medical Services

  • clinic, nurses and medical secretary – 24/7
  • 24 hour distress call response
  • D. on premises at fixed times; on-call at night
  • optometric services
  • audio-laboratory services
  • dietician’s services
  • alternative medicine services
  • medications supplied upon request
  • long term and short term hospitalization: nursing home offering physical and mental health departments
  • assisted living department

Apartment Maintenance

  • Maintenance of appliances and equipment (not including personal equipment)
  • apartment-controlled air conditioner/heater
  • apartment-controlled underground heating system
  • building insurance
  • maintenance of communications systems: telephone, internet, cable
  • weekly cleaning-help
  • water supply at no cost

Village Security

  • round-the-clock security services
  • 24/7 manned security gate at Village entrance
  • security cameras
  • secured fences
  • patrol by car and on-foot
  • inspection of incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • lighting of surrounding areas at night

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