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Residential options

The atmosphere in Protea Village is one of a rural residential community, providing a feeling of spatial living.

The Village consists of a variety of homes and apartments of different sizes:  Villas with private gardens, apartment buildings with elevators and a balcony for each apartment or ground floor apartments with their own private gardens.

The sizes of the apartments and villas run between 42 and 98 sq.m.

In Protea Village, one plans for the present as well as the future, and therefore, should it become temporarily or permanently necessary, the residents have at their disposal quarters for assisted living, a nursing ward and a ward for the mentally frail.

The constant care provides peace of mind for our residents.

Shaping life

This is the time and place to enjoy, have fun, feel personal and social security and to realize one’s dreams.  In Protea Village, you will find activities you always loved or dreamed about trying – a variety of interesting activities throughout the whole week:  art and creativity classes, sports, academic-level lectures, evening lectures on a variety of subjects and high-quality concerts.

The Village has many places available for the residents’ use: a library, a café, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a synagogue, a lecture hall, a movie theater, a dining room, an infirmary, a beauty salon, a bridge room, an exercise hall, and many more.

Feeling at home

In Protea Village, the resident feels right at home.
The resident lives his/her own life, whether he/she chooses to live in privacy or to have a very active social and family life.
The professional, quality, experienced and permanent staff of Protea Village is an integral part of the homely feeling – always available, pleasant and sensitive, providing a feeling of ease, comfort and security.

Social harmony

The social human fabric of the residents of Protea Village creates a familial and dynamic atmosphere. There is a successful combination of a high-quality Hebrew-speaking and English-speaking population living here in absolute harmony.
The residents of Protea Village affect what goes on in the Village on a daily basis; they are involved in what happens in the Village and the adjacent community and maintain warm contact with their families.

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